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MMU TKD Charity Run 2012

The Multimedia University (MMU) Charity Run is a very meaningful event for Multimedia University (MMU) Taekwondo Club. It is a program that encourage people especially student to do physical exercise for healthy lifestyle as well as helping the unfortunate kids who suffer from the mental diseases. Nowadays, everyone has a very busy schedule till they neglected their own health. Therefore, here MMU Taekwondo Club is trying to create awareness for the people especially youth by organizing this marathon activity.

It is a very good physical exercise which will motivate the participants to do more exercise for their own health benefits Besides, another important objective of MMU Taekwondo Club is to help the unfortunate children by donating all the participation fees to Handicapped and Mentally Disabled Children Association Centre Melaka. This centre is located in ukit Baru, Melaka which support huge number of children. The person in-charge of this centre, Mr Thomas A/L Maria Soosai is very kind to give this opportunity to our university to run this funds raising event. Hopefully through this event everyone will give a helping hand to the unfortunate children.

  • Date:  18 March 2012

  • Time: 6 am - 12 pm       
  • Venue: MMU Melaka Campus  (President Square)
  • Distance: 7km
  • Fees:  Students - RM 20
    Public -     RM 25   

  • Above Age 18:
    1st  PRIZE  ~ RM 500
    2nd PRIZE  ~ RM 300
    3rd  PRIZE ~ RM 200

  • Below Age 18:
    1st PRIZE  ~  RM 300
    2nd PRIZE ~  RM 200
    3rd PRIZE  ~ RM 100
  • Categories:  Age (18 to 45) Adults
                         Age (45 and above) Veterans

* Free T-shirt will be given to the first 450 participants.
* Top 10 finishers will get a medal.
* T-Shirts can be collected four days before the event until the event's day.

To register for this event kindly download the registration form from here .. and send the completed form to charityrun2012@hotmail.com

To view the list of participants click here. If there is an error in your name kindly send us an email on charityrun2012@hotmail.com with the subject "correction" and provide your name on the list and the corrected name.




Running Track

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