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Institut Teknologi Telekom Malaysia (ITTM) (the former name of Multimedia University) Taekwondo Club was established in 1997. Its frst president was Lim Kuan Cheen who graduated from MMU in 2000. The club has the privilege of having Master Chia Ngi Suan, Chief Instructor of Persatuan Taekwondo Melaka as our instructor from the club’s early years to date. In 1998, ITTM became Universiti Telekom (UNITELE) and hence, our club name was changed to UNITELE Taekwondo Club. The club adopted the acronym UNITELETKD with the club motto, “Together we make UNITELETKD the best.” Being among the frst few clubs in a then young university, UNITELETKD strived to be accepted and respected not only in the university but by external parties as well. The club, now known as MMUTKD, still remains active and strives for continued excellence.

Committee List Year 2011/2012:

President:           Arthur Ng Chin Hoe

Vice President:   Lim Kok Cheung
                             Benny Low Shi Yuan
                             Lee Ker Yih

Secretary:           Sze Le Bei 

Asst. Secretary:
Yuen Hui Yi

Tew Sin Joo

Asst. Treasure:
Tan Chew Wah

Yau Ken Sen
Teng Yu Yang
Lim Jye Wei

Past Presidents:

1998/1999  Razim Saris Malik

1999/2000  Chuan Hooi Leng

2000/2001  Chia Chung Yen

2001/2002  Dalbir Singh

2002/2003  Goh Teng Sun

2003/2004  Poh Aik Hiong

2004/2005  Poh Aik Hiong

2005/2006  Neoh Tze Ming

2006/2007  Ser Chye Hsiang
2007/2008  Ser Chye Hsiang

2008/2009  Sukianto Salim
2009/2010  Poh Aik Chong

2010/2011  Benjamin Loh Choon Siong




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 Multimedia Universtiy Taekwondo Club
 Melaka campus
 016 7955835 
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